Dr. Rene St. Cyr

Dr. Rene St.Cyr is the founder of Lifetimer International. He was born in Canada and moved to Portland Oregon in 1992 to pursue a Chiropractic education at WSCC, now known as UWS. While attending WSCC he, like every student, soon discovered the need to acquire a portable table to practice adjusting on. None of the portable tables available at that time were very appealing to him so he set out to build his own during his break between one of his early semester quarters. His first table was crude, compared to the chiropractic tables of today, however was appealing enough that a few fellow students requested he build them one. The rest is history as he soon found himself improving on each consecutive production run of portable chiropractic tables which he decided to call Lifetimer tables (1994) for the durability and enduring nature he intended for the products. 


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